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Foundation of the Inspiring Virtues

About Yayasan Ilham Budi

YAYASAN ILHAM BUDI or in English, it’s known as, the FOUNDATION OF THE INSPIRING VIRTUES is an organization that at the beginning of its incorporation was more focused on implementing community development programmes and human capital enhancement.

In 2015, the Foundation went through a process of adding value and re-evaluating itself and henceforth moved to restructure its strategy, function and focus to becoming a center for research and development and policy analysis riding on digital technology and big data analytics.



Inclusive development models takes place when people, government and business concerns work hand in hand. YIB functions as an entity that acts as the tissue that connects all private sector, public agencies, communities and development organizations, between business and human development, between commercial strategy and development expertise and the end-recipients. This role of the moderator or broker is essential even though it is hardly visible.

YIB provides the initial spark, the access to partners and resources and moderates the ongoing motivation and action, providing the background support and advise that make inclusive development model workable.


YIB also acts as a resource center for sustainable development, community enhancement and policy studies dedicated to making a positive impact through independent, solution-based, innovative and leading research that tackles critical social and socio-economic issues.

YIB shall work towards establishing and providing data, information, analysis and evaluation using big data analytics and computational digital environment which allow for massive, latent data collection and sophisticated computational modeling, thus increasing the capacity of those with resources and access to use these tools to carry out highly effective, opaque and unaccountable campaigns of persuasion and social engineering in community, civic and commercial spheres.


The world today must navigate a ‘new world of work’ – one that requires a dramatic change in strategies for leadership, talent, and human resources. This new world requires bold and innovative thinking and fundamental reimagining of the practices of human development and capacity building.

YIB functions as a strategic proponent of human capital development and capacity building that initiates, conducts and facilitates policy research and dialogue, organizes continuous learning and development opportunities, developing individual and organizational competencies and capabilities that contribute to sustainability and effectiveness.


Communities and societies are dynamic and complex systems in a constant state of flux and all are used to adapting to some form of adversity. Yet, the reality is very few neighborhoods, towns or cities completely shut down and die, although some fall into decline and dramatically shrink. On the other hand, some communities do well in the face of quite rapid and profound change: some even thrive, reinvent and renew themselves.

YIB provides unparalleled platforms to highlight and advance leading models of sustainable social innovation. It identifies and initiates communities that work towards social transformation and community development in order to help, encourages, enables and support for the betterment and improvement of the society through inclusive approach and sustainable engagement.


Asset & heritage conservation & management refers to systematic and systemic approaches to conserving and managing the value of both tangible  (physical objects such as buildings or equipment) and intangible (such as, cultural, intellectual, etc.) assets and heritage of the nation.

YIB acts as the entity that does research and initiates, monitors, facilitates and coordinates the involvement and cooperation of relevant stakeholders to conserve and manage the assets and heritage based on the principle that all the assets and heritage components, understood in their broadest sense, provide a system of resources that can be mobilised as part of a local development project.

YAYASAN ILHAM BUDI functions in five various forms

YIB solely owned & runned programmes

YIB sponsored programmes

YIB programmes sponsored by third party

Joint venture programmes

Third party programmes managed by YIB

Current Project

One Device One Student (“OneDOS”) A Visionary Community Project aims to alleviate the education of all needy students that have been severely disrupted and impacted due to not having the proper infrastructure to continue their education remotely since the pandemic began by providing the devices to be used for their online school lessons, as an instructional tool to improve student learning experience and to ensure acceptance and readiness of technology and online classes are at a minimum level by providing the coaches to support them.

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